Oahu 1978 – we setup the original Tropical Blends Surf Center on Kapi’olani just Ewa of the Lightning Bolt shop. These were exciting times to be in the surfing business. New products seemed to pop up daily. The evolution of board design was fast tracked and the tribe was growing. We’ve been there for all of the inevitable changes over the years. Yet we remain focused on the importance of having fun in the water! Still, the best surfer out there is the one smiling!

Early days

Growing up an island boy, I got my first board in the early ’60s. Was a long walk to the beach with a heavy board, but with the help of a friend, we doubled up and made the trek every day we could. There was something about the water, the waves and the thrill of the ride that captured me immediately. Later a deeper bond flourished and grew into a lifelong passion for all-things-surfing.


Over the years, having lived and worked in surf mecca alongside surfing’s influencers, builders and heroes (past and present), I now see the value in sharing where I can. I feel it’s doubly important here in Taiwan as surfing is a relatively new endeavor. I’m seeing growth and excitement that’s fresh with new passion! And that, puts a smile on my face.