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Mark Richards – 1985 Billabong Pro: Sunset Beach Hawaii

Rich Harbour’s Thoughts on Fins

Robert August Longboards – “Endless Journey Continues

Firewire Mashup Surfboard – Rob Machado x Dan Mann

Ben Skinner Talks Noseriding, Cherry Picking and Thunderbolt Tech

Album Surf x NFL // Surfboard Collab

Shaper Matt Parker had the unique opportunity to work with the NFL’s creative director Dane Storrusten. Producing a collection of one-of-a-kind surfboards for each of the 32 teams in the NFL. https://albumsurf.com/

SILVER LININGS – Jordy Smith | Episode 1

“If you were a professional surfer amidst the Covid outbreak chances were you got stranded in a Surfing dream full of uncrowded waves. For Jordy Smith that was Hawaii and eventually his home turf in South Africa where he hadn’t been back to surf the winter swell in over 14 years.”

SILVER LININGS – Jordy Smith | Episode 2

“Even since Jordy won the 2006 World Juniors then the QS series the following year he has been on the Championship Tour. In 2021 Jordy claimed 7th place. As good as this is we know after watching this series that Jordy has plenty more left in the tank.”

Hypto Krypto Twin 

“The Hypto Krypto Twin is the ultimate all round performance Keel Twin Fin Surfboard. The extra volume under your chest not only makes paddling a dream, but gives you so much speed on an open face. The outline is very similar to an old school twin fin from the nose, with a moderately tighter swallow tail through the bottom giving it plenty of speed. It surf great from rail to rail and holds a great flow. The fin placement is slightly further back for added control

Surf it in the same size as your Hypto Krypto or 4-5 inches smaller than your shortboard and add 1-3 liters of extra volume. Note: Future flex (Black Carbon Rails) are not included by default, please select Future Flex under Construction in step 3 below.”

“Beyond The Surface”

A short feel good clip from the gals!

“No Straight Lines” & Archer Pacey

“Asher Pacey talks about the beginning of his love affair with Twin Fins and rips with incredible style and finesse.   At the age of 34 we are thoroughly impressed with Mr Pacey’s ability to keep getting better. In this short, filmed by Dan Scott we see Asher adding more tweak than ever to the ends of his turns. Surfing with so much flow and style it’s a joy to watch!”

RVCA Surf advocate Asher Pacey performs his version of a masterclass with his drawing of, you guessed it, No Straight Lines, in his latest edit filmed around his home country of Australia.

The John Malloy Story

A Creature of Leisure tells the story of surf leash innovator John Malloy. If you surf, you’ve almost certainly used one of John Malloy’s inventions. You’ve also probably never heard of him. John pioneered the use of urethane cord in the surf leash and invented the stainless-steel bearing swivel, both of which are now standard in pretty much every leash in the world today. While he has remained under the radar, John’s contribution to surfing and surf equipment are now being recognised in the documentary A Creature of Leisure narrated by 7-times world champion Stephanie Gilmore. The 25-minute film details John’s life of adventure, his passion to improve surfers’ experience in the ocean, and how he turned a nomad lifestyle into an iconic living.”

Visit – Creatures of Leisure

Get Out There and Explore

John John Florence……….”Some of our favorite clips from over the years, shot on location around the world.”

Thanks for sharing JF

Where Hawaii’s Magic Surfboards are Born

“New tenants of the once-bustling old Waialua Sugar Mill are making some of the world’s best surfboards. Surfboards for John John Florence, Shane Dorian, Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Koa Rothman and many of Hawaii’s and international top pro surfers are all crafted at the old Waialua Sugar Mill. Shapers include Eric Arakawa, John Carper, Jon Pyzel, Carl Olsen and surfboard fin designer Steve Mock. Glassing done by master glasser Larry Peterson at Seaside Glassing!” Borrowed from Surfline

Home of master glasser Larry Peterson

Joel Tudor and Honolua Blomfield Win 2021 World Longboard Titles at Malibu Classic

Some things were just meant to be. In picture-perfect, peeling Malibu waves, Joel Tudor and Honolua Blomfield each won their third longboard world titles. Honolua’s victory makes her the youngest surfer ever to win three titles, and Joel’s win at 45 makes him the oldest surfing world champion ever – in longboarding, shortboarding, or big wave. “The most proud thing of all of this is that I finally beat Kelly at something,” said Tudor as he savored his win on the beach between heats. “So remember that.”

He snagged that world title in his semi-final heat against Tony Silvagni, and ended up walking away with “all the marbles” (in the words of Kaipo Guerrero, no Squid Game reference intended), going on to take down Ben Skinner of the U.K. in the final.” Borrowed from Inertia

Fun to watch the best of the best!

Tomo’s Revo – Summer 2022

“The Revo is the latest update to the now famous Tomo Evo design. Looks like skateboard, rides and reminiscent of a snowboard and has bottom contours you might find in a wakeboard.”

Borrowed from Tomo’s site

Everyone knows I’m a big fan of Daniel’s Evo model. I honestly believe the Evo’s outline and bottom contours have revolutionized the sport and managed to rock the very core of surfboard conservatism. A rounded nose, straighter rail line and tuned rocker make the Evo a dream ride for surfers at all levels in a variety of conditions. No wonder this model is so wildly popular.

So it seems Dan has done some tweaking to his iconic model. The question is, will the be Revo be adding to Evo’s already airtight claim to the best all time one-board-quiver model? Hands on will tell the story but here’s what Tomo touts; the Revo “is extremely fast, blows through flat sections with ease and maintains the ability to surf tight to the pocket!” Given what I know of the Evo, I’m going to believe him!

Ibolic – A New Build

Well, unfortunately, I have little to no light to provide here. Just that I was told to expect “new materials” used to construct the Revo. The build is to be called “Ibolic” and is expected to “launch in June of 2022”. Beyond that, I’m to look forward to more information “as it gets closer”. So there you have it, the secret sauce is just that, till it isn’t.

Happy Customers

e’ve had quite a few people stopping by the shop following the Level 3 shutdown. It’s good to see how pulling together as one community has worked so well when it comes to controlling our regional Covid outbreak. Wearing a mask, getting vaccinated and being respectful of others has definitely helped to bring things back under control. All of us here at the shop have received our first and second vaccine shots so all good.

Seems that longboards have been front and center this month. Who knew that the NSP Sleepwalker would end up being a star. We were only able to get two into the shop and both sold very quickly. I’m working on getting a few more. The board in the striped bag above is a Thunderbolt model known as the Camper from Kai Sallas.

Dan Thomson’s Evo

I met Daniel some years before he became such a well known surfboard designer. He showed me his squarish design and ran me through the use of mathematics in its creation. However, it wasn’t until his unconventional ride showed up at the 2012 U.S. Open of Surfing that I actually focused.

Stewart Kennedy Talks Tomo

I’d not seen Stu Kennedy surf before but here he was doing his best to explain one of Daniel’s creations. With the connection made, I stayed tuned to watch for Kennedy’s next heat. What I witnessed was an impressive display of speed and maneuvers that I believe, laid the groundwork for Daniel’s meteoric launch onto surfing’s main stage.

Stu’s surfing was the buzz of the contest. All wanting to know what the other thought of that crazy looking board. Finally they got around to asking Slater what he thought of Kennedy’s unique ride. Without missing a beat his reply said it all ……..”I think it’s the future of surfing!!”

Not many months later Kelly’s contract with CI would end, he would purchase a controlling interest in FireWire and Tomo would be brought into the fold. To the surprise of many, Dan’s swallow tailed “square” would be introduced as the Vanguard then updated to the Vader and eventually morph into the Evo.

Wasn’t until the first Vanguard made its way into my shop that I came full circle with my first conversation with Daniel. I recall him mentioning he was fortunate to have influencers along the way. Seems George Greenough and the Thompson family were neighbors during some of Daniel’s formative years. This explains where a lot of the interest in and understanding of the more scientific/mathematical approach comes from.

Good on him, Daniel was in the right place at the right time surrounded by the right people and had the skills to pull it all together. In the end it was Daniel’s efforts that brought us the Evo and all it’s magic!  

Daniel I salute you and all you’ve brought to the surfing community!