9-6 Kai Sallas Waikiki Queens


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Thunderbolt Silver

The WAIKIKI is a perfectly traditional log with a single fin set up. It’s a must for your quiver, and everyone should feel what it’s like to ride one. True to tradition it has very round fifty fifty rails all the way through the nose concave.

The Waikiki Queens is a special version of the Waikiki for girls.  We basically took the Waikiki and made a color way design that would be special for the girls. Its influenced by Kelis Kaleopaa, and she’s proud to represent it.

We created this because I just kind of looked at the longboard lineup and there wasn’t anything for girls and I thought this model would be perfect because for me, women excel at that traditional smooth, elegant, graceful style of surfing.

The WAIKIKI Queens is everything a traditional longboard should be!


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9'6" x 23" x 3" 77.2L
Single Fin


Thunderbolt Silver


Beginner to Advanced

Wave Size:

Knee – Overhead




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