Hydroshort 5-10 Futures


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Who – If you are looking for a board that will maximize your fun and performance in conditions up to head high, this is the board for you. By utilizing a performance board designed for smaller waves, it will allow you to improve your surfing even when the waves are subpar. The Hydroshort is best suited for intermediate to advanced surfers.

When – Designed for small to medium waves, with consideration of the growing popularity of wave pools, this board would be best suited for small to medium sized waves that most people have close to home and around the world.

What – The Hydroshort is the next generation of Tomo Designs. It is based off of the Hydronaut but tuned and designed for small wave performance. The torpedo cutoff nose gives the board low swing rate which provides instant response. Medium rocker with quad inside single concave (QISC) allows this board to generate and maintain speed. The squash tail allows for more surface area also helping to produce and maintain speed. The Hydroshort is offered in Firewires popular Helium technology which is lightweight, durable, and perfect for boards of this class.



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5'10" x 19 9/16" x 2 9/16" 31.4L




Intermediate – Advanced/Pro

Wave Size:

3-6 ft all conditions


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