TB-MK5G Modified Keel Set


MK5G 是傳統龍骨鰭的改良版本,旨在與現代四鰭衝浪板不斷變化的需求保持同步。兼容 Futures 或 FCS2 鰭系統。





The MK5G is a modified version of a traditional keel fin designed to keep pace with the ever changing demands of modern four fin surfcraft.   Expect explosive drive, speed and enhanced rail to rail transitions.


  • Generous curves culminate in a ‘beak’ for better flow and release.
  • A modified stance offers a balanced ‘pivot’ component.
  • Free flowing feel enhanced by cutaway base.
  • Balanced template and flat foil fronts for hold and drive.
  • Rears foiled at 80/20 to enhance sensitivity & hold.
  • Increased ‘cant’ to enhance responsiveness.

Specific Details

Fin Templates:  The MK5G feature a slightly modified shape, including changes to the sweep (curve) and the tip area, to fine-tune performance characteristics such as flow, drive, and hold.

Changes to Foil Design: By paying close attention to foiling, we optimize the fin’s hydrodynamic properties which directly improves performance aspects such as lift, speed, and maneuverability. (Foil refers to the thickness and curvature of the fin.)

Quad Configuration: The quad setup is known to offer a balance between speed, control, and maneuverability. This set delivers on all counts by applying hold and stability to enhance drive and encourage powerful turns.

Modern Build: The MK5G keel set features a Volan cloth layup which is known for its superior strength and resilience when compared to standard fiberglass cloth.

Performance Glass Series

Fins in this series are precision cut from a solid multi-layered Volan/Poly glass sheet.  The blanks are then hand foiled to meet exacting design specs.

Volan Layup – Allows the fins to flex and rebound in a controlled manner during turns and maneuvers.  This unique flex pattern can contribute to increased drive, speed, and overall performance of the fins.

Hand Foiling – Allows for precise shaping and customization of the foil which enhances control of its flex pattern and optimizes performance.

Template –  Outlines are designed to maximize a rider’s in water experience.

Natural Finish – To promote water to water adhesion.


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