TB-PV5G Pivot Quad Set FCS1 Base


PV5G 四轮车具有直立枢轴姿势,使骑手能够轻松进入、快速响应和可预测的加速度。与 FCS2 翅片系统兼容。


The PV5G set features a shorter-wider outline with a more upright pivot-style stance allowing the rider easy entry, quick response and on-tap acceleration.  Push into your turn and feel these fins take a bite, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Generous curves culminate in a ‘beak’ for better flow and release.
  • Upright stance offers a balanced ‘pivot’ component.
  • Fuller template and flat foil fronts for hold and drive.
  • Rears foiled at 80/20 to increase sensitivity & hold.
  • Increased ‘cant’ to enhance responsiveness.

Specific Details

Easy Entry: The upright outline and outboard positioning of the PV5G set encourages the fins to react and engage quickly for easy entry into turns and maneuvers. When you apply pressure to the fins, they respond.

On-Tap Acceleration: Working as a group, the PV5G set channels water flow efficiently, translating your input into increased speed and forward momentum.

Quad Configuration: The quad setup is known to offer a balance between speed, control, and maneuverability. This set delivers on all counts by applying hold and stability to enhance drive and encourage powerful turns.

Modern Build: The PV5G keel set features a Volan cloth layup which is known for its superior strength and resilience when compared to standard fiberglass cloth.

Performance Glass Series

Fins in this series are precision cut from a solid multi-layered Volan/Poly glass sheet.  The blanks are then hand foiled to meet exacting design specs.

Volan Layup – Allows the fins to flex and rebound in a controlled manner during turns and maneuvers.  This unique flex pattern can contribute to increased drive, speed, and overall performance of the fins.

Hand Foiling – Allows for precise shaping and customization of the foil which enhances control of its flex pattern and optimizes performance.

Template –  Outlines are designed to maximize a rider’s in water experience.

Natural Finish – To promote water to water adhesion.

Additional information

Performance Glass Series:

该系列中的所有脚蹼均以从实心多层 Volan/Poly 玻璃纤维板精密切割而成的模板开始。然后将坯料手工箔纸以满足严格的设计规格。结果是您可以信赖的高质量产品。


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