TB-PV4R Five Fin Set


PV4R 專為較軟的海況而設計,具有垂直姿態和更寬的形狀,可以在這些條件下表現出色。當用作四鰭套裝時,它具有快速、精確處理的優勢,速度和控制的完美結合。



The PV4R five fin set is designed to perform exceptionally well in a wide range of conditions, thanks to its more vertical stance and slightly wider outline.  Use as a quad or thruster depending on conditions and style preferences.

Key features of the Quad:

  1. Maneuvers: The PV4R quad setup allows for the initiation of quick and precise maneuvers. The vertical stance of the fins facilitate responsive turns and transitions, enabling you to navigate through softer waves with agility and control. The quad configuration provides a lively and dynamic feel.
  2. Drive and Control: The quad set delivers a perfect blend of drive and control. The slightly wider shape of the fins encourage additional drive and forward propulsion, enhancing your ability to generate speed even in softer conditions. Simultaneously, the fins’ design and placement provide ample control, ensuring that you can maintain stability and make precise adjustments during maneuvers.

When transitioning to the PV4R’ thruster configuration, the slightly larger sides matched with the smaller center, provide a whole new set of effects on the board’s performance and responsiveness.

Key features of the Thruster:

  1. Balance: The slightly larger side fins, combined with a smaller center fin, create a balanced thruster setup. This configuration aims to provide a good blend of speed, maneuverability, and control. The larger side fins contribute to increased stability, while the smaller center fin adds control and maneuverability.
  2. Drive and Speed: The added surface area of the side fins generates more lift and forward propulsion, allowing for increased speed and momentum down the line.
  3. Stability and Control: The side fins also offer increased stability, especially when compared to the smaller center fin. This added stability can be advantageous for maintaining control and confidence in critical sections of the wave.
  4. Center Fin Control: The smaller center fin’ primary role is to provide control and stability. It helps maintain tracking and provides additional control during bottom turns and more drawn-out maneuvers. Its smaller size allows for easier release and pivot, aiding in executing turns with precision.

In summary, the PV4R five fin set is designed to excel, whether used as a quad or a thruster. The quad setup provides quick and precise maneuvers, along with a perfect blend of drive and control. The thruster configuration lends itself to balanced performance with increased drive, speed, stability, and control. The slightly larger side fins enhance speed and stability, while the smaller center fin ensures maneuverability and control.

Either way you go, the PV4R’ versatility allows you to adapt your board’s performance to the specific conditions and your preferred style of surfing.

Construction Highlights

To satisfy our small wave performance goals, we were looking for specific flex characteristics.   We needed flex through the entire fin complemented by a strong return to original shape.  To do this the construction of this set needed to be well thought out.

We opted for a large cell Hexcore center to encourage overall flex with a Carbon Diamond Innegra weave covering the fin body and tip.  This would to assist with both the flex component and spring back.  Then we placed a 12K Carbon Twill over the fin’s base, doubling down to ensure a snappy return.

This combination of materials gives the PV4R five fin set a controlled flex throughout with the resonance required to generate speed in smaller in a range of surf conditions.




Additional information

Pro-Core RTM Series

The RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) process produces a lightweight fin with exceptional flex, a smooth feel and an impressive appearance.


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