5-10 XTR Twinsman Album Surf – Futures Boxes



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This board will change your perspective of what a twin fin is. User friendly speed, easy turns, and more waves without sacrificing performance. Approachable for any style of surfing. A board that you can really push on rail or just enjoy the easy down the line speed. Paddles and gets up to speed faster than a standard performance board, but doesn’t have the limitations of a traditional twin. More pivot and drive off the bottom while fitting in tighter pockets and sections. Size it in between your shortboard and fish and don’t be afraid of extra foam.

Constructed by XTR – Builders of the most advanced epoxy surfboards in the world.  Watch the video to see why the little holes are on the deck.

Designed by Matt Parker in San Clemente, CA and constructed by XTR in San Diego, CA.  Closed cell extruded polystyrene with Epoxy resin.

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5'10" x 20" x 2.44" (34.4 liters)

XTR Build

*All boards glassed with S-glass on deck for strength and variations of E-glass for weight.
*We construct every board with a custom combination of resin distribution & carbon fiber placements.


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