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Introducing the Twinsman, a contemporary take on a classic design that transcends the boundaries of a traditional twin fin. This extraordinary surfboard promises to revolutionize your perception of twin fins. With its subtle concave deck, strategically distributed foam towards the edges, and a skillfully crafted rail-to-rocker-to-bottom contour, it effortlessly generates remarkable speed while providing effortless control, seamless turning, and immediate drive when you need it most. Notably, it’s Josh Kerr’s preferred twin fin choice.

Prepare to ride the Twinsman a bit longer than your standard fish surfboard and add 1-3 liters more volume than your typical performance shortboard. Embrace the journey of surfing on this incredible board, and you’ll undoubtedly discover an entirely new dimension of wave-riding excitement.

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5' 6" x 19.5" x 2.32" 30L


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