5-11 Sci-Fi 2.0


科幻2.0 – 冲浪界最受追捧的高性能短板之一!非常适合中高级冲浪者,应对台湾所能提供的一切!



The original Sci-Fi stunned the surfing world and quickly became one of the sport’s most sought after performance shortboards!   Now the Sci-Fi 2.0 claims its spot as a new and improved version of Slater’s most popular model.  Refinements to the design include moving the wide point forward of center, pulling in the tail a bit and increasing the rocker (similar to the Cymatic).   This allows the 2.0 model to be ridden 1” shorter than its predecessor.  It’s also given the design a greater upper range while still maintaining good small wave prowess.

As with the original, expect seemingly unnatural acceleration, instantaneous response and an all around level performance that can only be described as Electric.  Perfect for the intermediate to advanced rider to tackle all Taiwan has to offer!



Additional information


5′11″ X 19 7/8″ X 2 5/8″ – 33.8L


Linear Flex Tech


Intermediate – Advanced/Pro

Wave Size:



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