7-11 Album Soft Board – Golden X


作为一种安全的入门方式,Kookalog 允许新骑手以合理的价格上手。

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Keeping in mind that good design is timeless and materials evolve, Album Surf has selected three of their surfboard models to build in soft top construction. In the end, surfing is about fun and none of it matters if you’re not enjoying the ride.

Soft boards are the beginner’s best friend!  People friendly in and out of the water.  A safe way to get started allowing a new rider to get there feet under them at a cost that makes good sense.   As a new surfer begins to get a feel for it and knows they are hooked,  then is the time to make a more substantial investment into the sport they fell in love with.

To watch video of Album Surf soft tops…….Kookalog 7-11

The 7’11” Kookalog screams fun in all conditions for all ages.

  • Fins included. Ride as a single fin, 2+1, side bite twin-fin or finless.
  • No wax needed. Extra grippy pad on the length of the deck.
  • Kook handle for the ladies and groms
  • Made in the USA and 100% recyclable
  • Light and durable with a copolymer core and inset stringers




Additional information


7'11" x 22.5" x 3.3" about 80 L


Light and durable with a copolymer core and inset stringers – 100% recyclable


Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced

Wave Size:

2-4 ft all conditions


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