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Kelly’s 5 Piece Action Pad sports a diamond tread with a center arch and 3M adhesive backing.


The Action Pad gives you Kelly’s favorite arch, and a picture of his favorite dog, too. You’ll see the elements he designed himself immediately: he chopped a ‘ V ‘ into the tail kick to prevent your leash from catching in the middle. He also lowered the arch.  You’ll feel it quickly, the arch support is just as wide as the arch support on our 3 and 5 – piece arch pads, but it’s lower.  It’s the exact feel that Kelly was chasing when previously cutting trenches into his arch support earlier this year.  And the square grooved edges on either side of the parallel slits give you a ‘hooked in’ feeling that other arch supports don’t.  The Action Pad also gives you options; the choice to ride either a longer pad or a shorter pad, depending on how you chose to lengthen the the side pieces away from each other, or closer to each other.  The 5 Piece Action Pad provides the necessary grip to push hard through hacks and increase speed and drive through every turn. The cutouts also create a closer connection to the board, giving the rider complete control.

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12.65” W x 13.5” H


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