Slater Designs 5-Piece Arch Pad – GRY/BLK


Kelly’s 5 Piece Arch Pad sports a diamond tread with a center arch and 3M adhesive backing.


The Slater Designs 5 Piece Arch Traction Pad gives you all the grip you need to feel locked in and push hard and increase speed and drive through every turn.  The cutouts also create a closer connection to the board, giving you complete control.

This pad is perfect for a fish board, or any board with a wide tail. Works great on a swallow tail because the side pads fit perfectly on each wing. I prefer this pad over the 3 piece because you can tweak it a little more with the 5 pieces. Plus the lines down the center pad are nice. Great pad for a wide tail board or swallow tail board.

Additional information


12.65” W x 13.5” H
5 Piece pad


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