HP65R Center + Two Set




Our HP6.5 Center, when used as a single, is designed to optimize drive, control and maneuverability on your mid-length or performance longboard.

Key Features

 Medium Rake: The HP6.5’s rake strikes a balance between generating drive (forward propulsion) and promoting maneuverability (turning ability).  Rake, refers to the angle at which the fin’s sweep or curve occurs.

Wider Base: This fin’s base, the part that attaches to the board, is slightly wider offering increased stability and hold in the water while providing increased drive during maneuvers.

Fuller Tip:  A fuller tip, with its increased surface area enhances the fin’s ability to generate lift and maintain control when performing turns or carving.

Vertical Extension and Sweeping Outline: The HP6.5’s outline extends vertically from the base before sweeping back to the wider tip. This design contributes to the overall performance of the fin by providing a balance between vertical drive and turning capability.

The HP4 Sides are designed to provide increased maneuverability, speed generation, and drive while minimizing excessive drag.

Key Features

 Asymmetrical Foils: The HP4 Sides feature asymmetrical foils, which means that the shape and contours are different on each side of the fin. This option is designed to optimize performance during specific maneuvers, such as turns and cutbacks.

Increased Cant: This set has a touch more cant, referring to the angle at which they lean outward from the vertical centerline of the board. This feature is aimed at helping the rider maintain speed and stability while engaged in a turn.

Balanced Design: The HP4 Sides are carefully designed to find the right balance between maneuverability and speed generation without creating excessive drag. This balance is essential for maintaining flow and momentum down the line.

Compatibility with HP6.5 Center: This side set is specifically designed to complement the HP6.5 Center.  When paired, the combination promotes maneuverability, speed generation, drive, and control across various sections of the wave.

Performance Glass Series

Fins in this series are precision cut from a solid multi-layered Volan/Poly glass sheet.  The blanks are then hand foiled to meet exacting design specs.

Volan Layup – Allows the fins to flex and rebound in a controlled manner during turns and maneuvers.  This unique flex pattern can contribute to increased drive, speed, and overall performance of the fins.

Hand Foiling – Allows for precise shaping and customization of the foil which enhances control of its flex pattern and optimizes performance.

Template –  Designed to maximize a rider’s in water experience.

Natural Finish – Promotes water to water adhesion

For a few helpful tips on surfing a performance mid-length, click here:  Tutorial / Surf Hacks – Mid-Lengths

Additional information

Performance Glass Series:

All fins in this Series begin with a template that's precision cut from a solid multi-layered Volan/Poly fiberglass sheet.  The blanks are then hand foiled to meet design specs.  The results, a product with exacting qualities.


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