WB70P Center + Two Set


WB-Pivot 2+1鰭套裝的設計旨在讓騎手獲得穩定感,同時提供出色的推進力和機動性。


PV7 Center –  Designed to give the rider a solid sense of stability while delivering exceptional drive and maneuverability.   The PV7’s wide base provides the push and its short bodied upright outline works to encourage quick responsive turns.  A full tip serves to promote a loose yet powerful feeling of “drive” in a broad range of surf conditions.  All said, It’s the perfect all-rounder for your fuller shaped mid-lengths, shorter longboards and old school logs.

PV4 Sides  – At 4 1/8″ x 4 1/8″ we’ve taken a basic square and shaped it into the perfect complement to the PV7 center.   The PV4’s basic outline is very similar to that of the center causing them to mirror the PV7’s performance goals.  We’ve also incorporated a “beak” feature to the design’s full tip.  This effectively reduces turbulence around the tip by encouraging consistent water flow while generating a positive point for speed control.   To round out the package there’s a touch more cant added to an asymmetrical foil to further encourage a positive experience while on rail.   All without creating excessive drag when pushing  down the line.  Certainly a winning combination and a perfect match for the PV7 center.

WB-Pivot 2+1 Set was designed to deliver reliable results.

Performance Glass Series

All fins in this Series begin with a template that’s precision cut from a solid multi-layered Volan/Poly fiberglass sheet.  The blanks are then hand foiled to meet design specs.  The results, a product with exacting qualities.

  • Volan Layup – Improves performance flex characteristics as the flex comes from the body of the fin rather than just at the tip.
  • Hand Foiling – magically increases the rigidity of the overall flex pattern giving the rider an increase in speed, drive and hold.
  • Template outlines are designed to maximize a rider’s in water experience.
  • Natural hand rub finish to promote water to water adhesion.


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