TB-C10 Box Fin


TB 箱形翅片採用寬闊的底部以鼓勵向前的力量,經過調整的錐形輪廓提供流動性和方向性,而向上傾斜的尖端提供彎曲和保持​​。

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Here’s another classy template that’s been tried, trusted and refined by many over the last several decades.  This is just one of those must have designs that begs to be pushed through its paces!

Starting with a wide base to encourage drive, the tuned tapering outline lends flow and direction while the raked tip adds flex and hold.  Working together you have all the components required for driving turns,  trimming at speed and exceptional stability while noseriding.

Experience performance longboarding at its  best in three different lengths!

Performance Glass Series

 All fins in this Series begin with a template that’s precision cut from a solid multi-layered Volan/Poly fiberglass sheet.  The blanks are then hand foiled to meet design specs.  The results, a product with exacting qualities.

  • Volan Layup – Improves performance flex characteristics as the flex comes from the body of the fin rather than just at the tip.
  • Hand Foiling – magically increases the rigidity of the overall flex pattern giving the rider an increase in speed, drive and hold.
  • Template outlines are designed to maximize a rider’s in water experience.
  • Natural hand rub finish to promote water to water adhesion.



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