TB-C9.25 Whip Box Fin


C9.25 Whip 的寬底座與平滑、漸進的彎曲相結合,為騎手提供了絕佳的轉彎機會,同時提升了性能。

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This design is a reincarnation of an original that has stood the test of time. The C9.25 Whip’s generous base, coupled with a smooth measured sweep, offers the rider exceptional turning opportunities while promoting performance.

To increase the ‘twist’ between the fin’s base and its tip, we’ve narrowed the neck just a bit more and extended the tip out over the base.  All in an effort to enhance the feeling of thrust as the upper portion of the fin flexes and then returns following a progressive turn.  We wanted to turn the ‘wag’ into ‘dawhip’.

The extended tip is also an important stability component for the rider perched on the nose.

Ideal Conditions:  Small-medium surf (most conditions) also good in medium-large open faced waves.

Performance Glass Series

 All fins in this Series begin with a template that’s precision cut from a solid multi-layered Volan/Poly fiberglass sheet.  The blanks are then hand foiled to meet design specs.  The results, a product with exacting qualities.

  • Volan Layup – Improves performance flex characteristics as the flex comes from the body of the fin rather than just at the tip.
  • Hand Foiling – magically increases the rigidity of the overall flex pattern giving the rider an increase in speed, drive and hold.
  • Template outlines are designed to maximize a rider’s in water experience.
  • Natural hand rub finish to promote water to water adhesion.


If memory serves, original versions of this fin surfaced back in the early ’60s. The idea was to encourage a bit more performance to match pace with the development of new board outlines.  Narrower tails, harder rails and increased rockers all began to pull a rider towards the ‘turn’ as an optional performance focal point.  Keeping in mind that, given the times, it was nose riding and flow that had dominated the surf scene.

For their part, Harbour Surfboards was possibly the first to present this particular fin shape in what they called their HP model.  Given the obvious departure in the HP’s outline, Harbour was quick to explain.   The narrowing of the neck was intended to increase the fins flex and the term ‘wag’ was coined to best describe its benefits.

“The ‘wag’ flexes like the tail of a shark when you enter a turn, then snaps back, producing an unprecedented thrust when you exit the turn.”  Additional features of the HP included a wide base with a considerable increase in the HP’s rake.  All in all, a positive step forward.





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